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Saturday, December 01, 2001
12/1/2001 09:53:19 PM
This is so cute I might have to shoot myself. You can tell Kagura is laughing at the others because they're doing a Stupid Russian Dance.
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12/1/2001 09:14:43 PM
*eyes homework suspiciously*

*homework pretends to be innocent*

Nice try, but I know you're gonna be painful as all hell. =_=
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12/1/2001 03:37:06 PM
Hey, all you Hikaru no Go fans out there, time for Scary Thoughts. Ever thought of what Sai looks like beneath the 50 meters of clothes he wears ["he could carpet my house with his pants alone"]? Ever wonder why his face is kinda chubby? Well, when you consider that he drowned to death, it's very well that he's bloated.

Are those Crying Fangirls I hear?
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12/1/2001 02:28:13 PM
Tee-chan, remind me again why in the middle of the interview you went on about "The Teresa Saga, part 2: Dead by Dawn. 'I have a chainsaw as an arm and they worship me as a god!' "?
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12/1/2001 02:30:27 AM
I should post something amusing, shouldn't I?

Picker bwee baum. EKkkKleh.

Those are the sounds of exhaustion. I wonder, will I laugh at myself when I look at this ten hours from now?
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12/1/2001 02:28:46 AM
It's utterly, completely amazing. Hikaru no Go episode 3? Proof that so long as it's done right, even something as inane as placing colored pieces of glass on a wooden surface can be delightfully angsty.

Aside from that, all I have to say about today is that of the six series I showed to an audience today [including a class presentation], four of them wouldn't play sound. Two of those four I managed to coerce into working [but they did put up a good fight], and the other two were a lost cause.

I'm tired. No matter how much purple lipstick is involved it's difficult to stay up until 2:30am.
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12/1/2001 02:25:01 AM
...You know, Ingrid-san, shouldn't you actually read the Harry Potter books before you say things like, "Her [Diana Wynne Jones] "worst" books ever could beat the pants out of Harry Potter in every single way humanly possible"? I've never read Diana Wynne Jones so I can't make debate whether your statement is true or not, but the academic brat in me is saying that you're not being fair.

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Thursday, November 29, 2001
11/29/2001 11:21:12 PM
"I'm a guy," Yuki insists, "Really!" Uh-huh, says the viewer doubtfully. "Sure you are." Of course, once Yuki starts waving his fist threateningly the viewers quickly shut up, but they're still all thinking the same thing: "giiiiiiiirl!"
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11/29/2001 11:05:05 PM
Hey, all you bloggers in general: I've noticed that a lot of you have your own server space and domain names. For a while now I've wanted to rid myself free hosts, but I'm horrendously clueless on the subject. Are there any kind souls out there who would like to point me out in the right direction?
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11/29/2001 10:32:16 PM
Considering that, well, I'm me, I shouldn't have such a hard time of thinking of what to discuss for my presentation on shounen-ai tomorrow. Because, the last I checked, interpreting yaoi was one of my hobbies. Y'know, fun. Not nerve-wrecking.
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11/29/2001 10:30:42 PM
By the way, Teresa, just to further convince you to stay on campus longer: imagine me, very lonely, with no computer [because you already took it away], with no koneko-chan to keep me company [again, because you took her], and the dorms empty empty empty. Now imagine spending the last few days with me on campus going to Boston, watching series after series of anime in your room, and me feeling so happy to have company that I'd treat you to dinner [and, of course, you get plenty of time to spend by yourself]. Now, I may not be a frisky pair of very young innocent siblings, nor a theater-saavy teenaged brother, but I am Isabel. The one you won't be seeing for another year. Can't you feel the tears of sadness and pity rising? No? Then feel the pain as I thoroughly beat you for being a cruel and heartless friend!

This plea, by the way, goes to all my friends that live on campus. I know it's harder for some of you [those damned scheduled airplanes!], but I understand. I'll still send you plenty of Pocky from Japan. And Engrish shirts if I find them.
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11/29/2001 07:40:10 PM
Somedays I love my roomate with all my heart. Because in her scatter-brained way she really does look after me.
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11/29/2001 10:10:17 AM
I've learnt that even on my Off Days, I'm so utterly goddamned bouncy at the breakfast table that people wanna smack that smile off my face~
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11/29/2001 09:16:50 AM

I think that says it all.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2001
11/28/2001 07:18:25 PM
In their usual fashion of Flirting Insanity, in the latest chapter of Fruit Basket Ayame and Shigure were sparkling over a half-eaten peach. And if you don't get why I'm snickering so hard, go read The Passions of the Cut Sleeve.

And, geez, Akito! Leave your poor family alone! Stop getting into violent hissy fits when others fall in love!

....Will anyone think me insane if I suggest that Akito is the bird? We always see him with a sparrow [crushed or otherwise].
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11/28/2001 02:19:09 PM
As it turns out, I will be giving a presentation to my Japanese Gender in Pop Culture class on yaoi [Gravitation, specifically]. And I suddenly have absolute, utterly nothing to say. I think I'll tie it back into Takarazuka, the search for Ideal Men, and the escapism mechanism. Suggestions, anyone? I think I'll be showing the clip where Shuichi wears that Gawdy Awful Orange Dress and Liptstick.
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11/28/2001 01:17:22 PM
Jyan-nyan, I love you. ^.^ It was a good laugh~!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2001
11/27/2001 08:28:26 PM
Just because one of my friends has called you a "stupid bitch" on a public mail forum, and because I happen to think you're one of the Dumbest Most Illogical things that has happened to Wellesley in the past few decades, and because each and every one of your opinions Seriously Pisses Me Off does not mean that I am not going to treat you like a decent human being. Therefore you should have the same decency in actually talking to me when I directly ask you a friendly question. But, wait, that's one of the reasons I dislike you, isn't it?
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11/27/2001 08:18:47 PM
And the Winner of the Most Amusing License Plate goes to.... [drumroll, if you please]:

"I 69 WON"

I'm tempted to ask just exactly what it was the person won, but that'd be a stupid question.
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11/27/2001 08:12:52 PM
It should be thoroughly illegal for Teresa to imitate Ayame! Because one of these days I really will die from laughing too hard.
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11/27/2001 11:54:51 AM
Bell is spending her morning [when she's not in classes, that is] further digging herself a hole in hell. Just thought you might want to know.
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11/27/2001 11:51:49 AM
........Sometimes I really just don't want to know.

Gonads, strife, taliban, and fighting and Height 4 sexy? I'm going to have to spend many clueless nights trying to understand those two.
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11/27/2001 09:17:49 AM
Suze-san, you thoroughly broke my brain. Ouuuuuch. But I think that's why I like reading your blog, so keep at it.

And when I was reading the books, everytime Voldemort, aka "You-Know-Who!" came up, I imagine wrinkles, I imagined stench, I imagined a cruel malicious smile, I imagined Evil Incarnate [I also imagined a cheesy steryotypical child book's villain, but that's besides the point]. I did not think of that cute little boy.

But, wow, that's a perfect visual explanation of Ginny and Tom Riddle.

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Monday, November 26, 2001
11/26/2001 09:31:34 PM
A-onii-chan is evil. He's coming for his Wellesley High School five year Reunion, which is fine and dandy. Smashing, even. But he's coming five days after I leave the country. It's unfair. I won't able to see him for at least another year [making it two years that I'll go without seeing him]. Unless, that is, he visits me in Japan.
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11/26/2001 09:27:15 PM
Koukai shinai. Zettai ni koukai shinai.

Taisetsuna shinjyu ga aru. Nani ga atte mo, watashi ga sono shinjyu o kawaranai.

Jimbun jishin o shinjite iru.
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11/26/2001 08:07:17 PM
One of the things I'm going to severly and sorely miss next year are my dinner sessions with Teresa. It's a wonderful way to wind-down after a long day of classes and whatever other stress/problems is haunting me. It's also fun and the few times I get to see her. It's a crime, I tell you.
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11/26/2001 08:01:51 PM
By the way, it blows my mind that the actor for Oliver Wood is called Biggerstaff. And that the role he's acting is of a character who spends his time riding brooms. It makes my brain scream phallicism!

Then again, so does everything else.
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11/26/2001 03:07:10 PM

KAWAII~~! Strange, I saw all the other shitajiki in that series [Tomoyo/Sakura, Kero-chan/Sakura, Touya/Yukito, Meiling/Syaoran], but I never saw that one. Huh. I'm betting that it's a Doujinshi Shitajiki because the art style looks slightly off.
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11/26/2001 02:58:17 PM
Deep Fanfic Thoughts still kills me. It's an obvious rip-off Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts, but I don't care.

    "We tend to scorn and laugh at those who write really awful fan fiction. But we can't murder them, and this is what annoys me."

    "Sometimes I think the world would be better off if I never wrote another word. No, wait, not me, you."

    "If they had fanfic back in the Dark Ages, I bet the most common question readers would ask is, "Can't you put a catapult in this story?" No, I'm sorry. That would violate canon."

    "I remember how I once posted this really funny story to a list, and the people who read it would laugh and laugh. I vowed, then and there, that I would get revenge."

    "Sometimes you have to be careful when selecting names for original characters. For instance, let's say you have chosen the name "Fly Head." Normally you would think that "Fly Head" would mean a person who has beautiful swept-back features, as if flying through the air. But think again. Couldn't it also mean "having a head like a fly"? I'm afraid some readers might actually think that.

    "You know what would make a good story? Something where Mulder takes Scully to the circus and that makes her happy, but Mulder is really sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea."

This is me, in case you haven't noticed, procastinating.
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11/26/2001 02:44:53 PM
Gyergh. My Competitive High-Scoring Self is unhappy. I go hide in a corner and whimper.

But! My sister! I-onee-chan! She made it into a Brazilian Grad School! I am so utterly, completely, proud. I Sparkle with Glee.
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11/26/2001 08:59:58 AM
Make the history homework go away, already! >__<;;;
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11/26/2001 08:57:56 AM
For the past few months my college email signature has been, "Sending sparkles throughout the world." But after Laura [ex-WAnime kaichou] asked me what food I was, and I replied, "izzy-pocky to iimasu!", I had to change it to, "Oishii no Isabel." Call me a freak, but I amuse myself.
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11/26/2001 08:51:48 AM
Midnight Ponderings from my Roomate:

* [completely out of the blue] "Toothpaste flows from one end to the other... on a lamp."

* "No fucking the eyeball cat!" [after I suggested the Inquisitive Eyeball Cat go visit the Heian court and Genji]
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11/26/2001 08:41:57 AM
No. You are not supposed to be blogging. You are not supposed to be looking over the translations help-notes Meimi-san sent you. Nor looking through a Japanese Harry Potter fanart site. Or learning about Pita-ten. You should be doing your Japanese History assignment before bandmiton class-- hopefully with enough time to get some breakfast first.

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Sunday, November 25, 2001
11/25/2001 10:52:31 PM
Blah. The stupid translations are finally up. Remember, they're rough drafts, I'm in second-year japanese, and this is a hobby. Now that I've warned you, have fun. :3

Legal Drug chapter 1
Legal Drug chapter 2
Legal Drug chapter 3
Legal Drug chapter 4
[Legal Drug chapter 5 is still being translated~~]
"What If" Legal Drug: Illegal Drug
["Illegal Drug" proves once and for all that Clamp has a Twisted, Delightful sense of humor about their own works and characters.]

Fruit Basket volume 2 chapter 10
[Trying to work on the rest of the volume... but I should return the manga by Friday...]

[Thanks, Ingrid-san, for html-izing the first Gohou Drug Chapter.]
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11/25/2001 09:37:45 PM
Too Busy and Important for My Little Pony fic, Kristin-san? But not too busy to guide your readers to Harry Potter fanart? *pouts* But the world needs My Little Pony fics! Can't you hear the sobs and tears of loneliness? There's a dearth! Let others take care of Potter and the puppies. XD
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11/25/2001 09:15:08 PM
To: Yukito Kishiro
Re: Battle Angel Alita

That's seriously fucked up shit.

Sincerly, bell
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11/25/2001 05:48:22 PM
Somedays I think my bright orange flip-flops have more personality than me!
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11/25/2001 05:46:07 PM
As an addenum to a previous entry: even if I don't belive in permanence of a relationship, I do believe in its 'existing' state. If you're someone I consider a friend, then I take care of you best the best that I can. Mr. Burns might have been on crack when he said, "I'm too nice," but it can be very true of me.

And loyalty? You betcha! I can be like a bull-dog in that aspect. Rawr.
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11/25/2001 01:53:37 PM
Meimi-san, I'm sure I blogged this before-- months and months ago-- but I see Nanami's Egg as a symbol of sexuality/puberty.

For puberty/female maturation, it goes in a chronological order: menstruation ["all girls lay eggs? what if I'm the last one?"], breasts [Juri's bowling ball getting bigger XD], pregnancy/child-raising [telling the egg to "hayaku ookiku ni na~~re!"], and eventually the egg "grows up" and goes away.

There's also the interesting point towards the end, all the guys are eating/trying to destroy her egg. My class on Gender in Jpn. Pop Culture decreed that it was a metaphor men [and society in general?] trying to crush her developing self, and telling her to bend to their laws. For example, we see Touga telling her that same-sex love is unnatural, and that the best combination is male/female. Nanami, as we can see from the crows flying outside, is fairly crushed by this.

I'm sure there's all sorts of other metaphors, but that's the one I go with.
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11/25/2001 12:49:15 PM
I hate liars. Not the Innocuous kind ["I'll get around to it eventually," or "Why, of course you don't look like a potato in that dress"]. I have nothing against those-- at least I hope I don't for I'd be a hypocrite, then. I'm talking about the sorts who, for whatever reason, mangle people's perceptions of others. The sorts who pull information out of their asses that causes serious damage. Stuff on the scale of, "Yeah, your sister asked her best friend out, but she tried to comitt suicide after being rejected." [That's a Very Old example, incidentally.]

If you haven't lied to me like that, don't worry. If you have, you Suck. Good luck ever getting me to take anything you say seriously ever again.
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11/25/2001 11:52:45 AM
These translated Evangelion Gag Doujinshi strips are really cute/amusing. I particularly like this one. It reminds me of the Rei Action figure where you can take off her healthy body parts and replace them with bloody bandaged body parts.... =_=;;;
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11/25/2001 10:30:10 AM
New Layout featuring none other than Kotori Monou of X [also known as the Girl Who is Beheaded Far Far Too Often, Little Tweety Bird, and That Psychotic Freak who Went Eeeek!]. Tadaaa~~! Read the Layout Info on the other side of the picture to understand why.
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11/25/2001 12:30:51 AM
I can't believe in long-lasting relationships. Romantic, friendly, familial, or otherwise. I move around too often. Distance, I know all too well, inhibits communication. It's not that I'm not still fond of whatever person I was once close to-- and when I meet with people I haven't seen in weeks, months, years, I can summon up the old emotions. But while separated, it's easier for me to forget. Forget entirely.

Now Playing: 'The Promise,' by Tracy Chapman. This songs always makes me melancholic for all the friends I've lost due entirely to distance.
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Layout Info
When I decided I was going to feature a female, for once, on my blog, I was origianlly going to have a kick-ass figure. Someone like Lina Inverse, or Mint from Threads of Fate. And I'll eventually make such a layout. But I realized that whom I really wanted to feature Kotori.

[As a side note, I'm fascinated by this picture, which was taken from With a Slash. I'm sure there are a whole bunch of symbollic World Desctruction reasons behind it, but had I seen it out of context, I'd think it was about menstruation.]

Kotori is heavily under-appreciated in X. Because she [initially] presents an obstacle to numerous yaoi couples, the fans tend to forget her existance. At least they don't usually imagine Killing Her/ Mangling Her into UberBitchGirl/ Put her into Ludicrous pairings, because Clamp already did a good job of getting her out of storyline. Well, that, and the readers are tired of watching her die in Many Painful Ways.

She's also disliked for her frailty. Of out of the entire X cast, she is definitely the weakest. Physically, she's pathetic-- her heart won't allow her 'strenous' activities like excessive running, or emotional shocks like seeing disembodied heads. Nor is her psychological state strong enough to deal with the trauma she received.

[My personal theory is that the reason for Kotori's physical weaknesses is because she's a Dream Seer. Consider Hinoto, who is blind, deaf, and can't walk. Then think of Kakyou, who's an even stronger Dream Seer, but who spends his days unconscious in a hospital bed. It seems as though the stronger a Dream Seer you are, the worse your physical body is. And Kotori is unlucky in that her meager skills as a Dream Seer aren't really worth the problems it gives her.]

Yet another fault of hers is that she's emotionally dependent. A cross look from 'Kamui-chan' makes her faints, and everytime something reminds her of headless bodies, she needs her brother to bring out of the shock.

Despite it all, Kotori is a favorite of mine. She was far, far, too weak for the world and position she was born. Under normal circumstances she might have led an undisturbed life, with a husband and a couple of kids born with the help of a ceasarin [sp?]. Instead, she was stuck between the two Kamuis in the battle to determine the world's fate. All things considered, she did well. She's even one of the few characters, who despite having been a Victm of Destiny, who believes that the future can be changed. She embodies the 'gambaru' spirit, even if she didn't have much to 'gambaru' with.

It's important to be strong. But it's okay to have a fragile self, too.

Strength comes from overcoming weakness.

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