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Friday, March 08, 2002
3/8/2002 02:02:08 AM
For me: here, and here.
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3/8/2002 12:39:46 AM
I go see kabuki tomorrow! Am excited. The sensei think I should get the earphones with the English track (because it's not just a translation of what they're saying, but they explain the meanings and symbolism of sounds, movements, etc), but I wanna gambaru and listen to the Japanese track. Then again, I wanna learn more about kabuki. So, so, so. Torn. Can I have both tracks, please?
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Thursday, March 07, 2002
3/7/2002 11:37:24 PM
Weeee! :D Threads of Fate be one of me favorite games. I love Mink, I wanna be her, and I wanna clunk people on the head with the twin rings she carries. And then I wanna twirl around and say, "hee hee," which is her version of an evil evil laugh. Sadly enough, I am a pathetic little gamer whose fingers have no moving skills ("Jump, bell, jump! .....What part of jump don't you understand?" ;-;). So instead I has innie-onee-chan play the whole thing for me, Mink's and Rue's games. But, I wonder, would it be different (the ending) if you play Rue first, and then Mink? Because you get an addition to the story if you finish both storylines.

And to quote Grandpa Simpsons, "It's cold and there are wolves after me!" (why, why, whyyyy did he say that? So random, so random, what are wolves doing in the middle of Springfield?) But if you be friendly wolves, and will help me ride the wind, then I will latch on, happily.
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3/7/2002 10:27:10 PM
Wellesley people! In reading your future, I see a present. Unfortunately, fortune-telling is an unprecise art, so I can't tell you exactly when, but it's there. So, um, expect it later rather than sooner. :D
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3/7/2002 10:25:28 PM
I also love my brother. I want to steal his sense of humor. Quotes from the latest email he's sent me:

    "Anyway, how is Japan doing? Are they ready to throw
    you out yet? Have you caused any fires? Eaten all
    their pocky? That stuff tastes about as good as it
    sounds. Pocky. Sounds like a teenagers face.

    Are you studying anything useful like nuclear
    reactors? Or home ec.? You should steal Japanese
    national secrets. Or maybe just steal the Emperor. I'm
    sure he'd fetch a fine price."

Aaaaaaaaffy! Oh well, more pocky for me.
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3/7/2002 09:59:05 PM
Mmmm, sudden inspiration struck me while I was in an Animate store (which, by the way, is a heavenly place for otaku of all sorts) yesterday, where they were playing a FB episode. Highlight for FB spoilers: [[The woman Hatori was talking to resembled, a lot, Momiji's mother. But we didn't really get to see her face, so I might be wrong.]]

So Hana to Yume is bi-weekly? XXXXXXXD Oh, the happiness!
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Saturday, February 09, 2002
2/9/2002 01:34:04 AM
I had a very nice entry which include social bloggage and personal reflection. And then IE crashed. Grrrr. I'll re-write it later, so forgive my impertinence and laziness.
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Wednesday, December 05, 2001
12/5/2001 02:26:28 PM
*wide grin*

Well. Weeeeee~~!

Much as a I hated-- I mean, appreciate tripod, I will no longer stay here. Go find me over at Hope to see you there~~.
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12/5/2001 01:15:17 PM
Rupaul, my dear friends, has a blog.
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12/5/2001 01:13:26 PM
Ick. Nast, wrong things: dreaming that a cat's head was cutt off with a sharp part on your boot.

I love cats dearly, but when I have nightmares it usually involves them either attacking me, me hurting them, or a combination of those two factors.
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12/5/2001 01:12:22 PM
A day late in social bloggage, but oh well. Jyan-nyan, there was an important birthday yesterday, but I don't think it would have mattered at all to you, since it was my father's. Unless you're secretly friends and you never told me? Eeep! I don't even want to imagine what you'd talk about to him...!

The paper is about yaoi, and theories as to why Japanese women read/write/enjoy it.

And you're right. It should have been something like, Oh well. 'Tis too late.

Speaking of my domain, I'm going to have to throw a mean temper tantrum pretty soon, because it will not work with blogger.
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12/5/2001 09:49:12 AM
No. You are not allowed to forward me that fic, Meimi-san. =_=;;; I'll make pacifying coo-ing sounds to comfort you, I'll rant and cry at the heavens for allowing such things to happen, and pray for that person's behalf, but I am never going to read it! Especially not after that last entry you blogged.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2001
12/4/2001 09:57:23 PM
Meeei~~~mi-san! Thanks! *sparkles* I can't wait until it gets here. :D Ya~~~y ontanjoubi purezento! But, still, you must be lying about those fb fics. Right? Right?! Shigure/Kyou? That's some heavy-duty drugs the author is smoking there. Then again, I feel an affinity towards Shigure/Ayame [which, considering how much they flirt together, might not be such an impossibility] and Shigure/Hatori [which will never happen because Hatori is straighter than a 180degree line], so I'm hardly one to talk. The only fb fic I've let myself read so far is Meia's Just Because. Even if there's no real beginning, no real ending, and not much point, there's at least good characterization. And sometimes I fear/hope that it's the only fb fic I'll ever read.
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12/4/2001 09:53:26 PM
o.O;;; *cries* But you have to admit, that's a hell of a plot twist.
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12/4/2001 09:32:23 PM
I'm having troubles making my damned ftp service work. Hence the stream of previous entries. And I still haven't figured out how to get it to work-- hence why I'm still on tripod. Frustration!
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12/4/2001 09:27:29 PM
What the hell is wrong with you?
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12/4/2001 09:13:14 PM
*swears creatively and thoroughly*
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12/4/2001 09:11:28 PM
How about this, will this work?
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12/4/2001 08:46:13 PM
Blah. Of course it doesn't work.
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12/4/2001 08:44:49 PM
Does this work? With my luck, it'll be a disaster. And then I'll have to beat all the machinery severly for misbehaving.
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12/4/2001 05:42:24 PM
The same guy that directed Kodomo no Omocha also directed Fruit Basket. That fact explains so much.
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12/4/2001 12:46:03 PM
I have finally begun to figure out how to manipulate my piece of web space. Weeee~~! Now if only I had time to make things to go up there...! XD

At any rate, at some point today I will be moving my beautiful wonderful blog at some point to Or to some such similar place.
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Monday, December 03, 2001
12/3/2001 10:40:50 PM
*stares at paper*

*paper looks back innocently*

Forget it. You obviously don't feel like being written today. Maybe after I've done some research on rape fantasies and sado-masochism you'll be more cooperative?
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12/3/2001 10:26:18 PM
My mother wrote me reminding me that tomorrow is my father's birthday [how could I ever forget?], and told me that they were counting down the days to his retirement. I think I'm usually rather silent on the subject, but I really worry over them. More than ever before, I want to be a good daughter. It struck me recently that they're reaching their sixties, and that within ten years they'll be seventy. It's one thing to be sixty-- you're still healthy and in your right mind-- but seventy! To me, that's when healthy-healthy people [like my parents] begin to have detiorating minds and failing bodies.

I can't stand that thought.

My parents have done so much for me and my siblings. My father hates his job with a passion and could have retired decades ago to be an academic 'bum.' But he's kept at it, and will go right to the very bitter end, to support us. It breaks my heart to see them; the pressure from work is making my father age faster, and the [lack of] social enviroment is severly depressing my mother.

Over the summer I realized that both my parents came from rather miserable pasts. I can't go into specifics [it's not my life and therefore not my right to tell it], but they came a long way. A lot of what they've done has been for themselves, yes, but at the same time it was to ensure that me and my siblings wouldn't have to go through the same problems. They want us to have the opportunities that self-confidence and finances denied them.

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and tell them not to have us. To not have any kids and enjoy life as they could if they weren't burdened with four children demanding food, toys, housing, love, time, and education. That way, they could live out as many dreams as they wanted to. My mom could open up a restaurant, have her gardens, and raise animals. Dad could be an archeologist/ writer/ astronomer /historian/artist. But that was their decision. Four kids.

I can't be the person they wanted me to be, but I want to be someone they can be proud of. So that their efforts and sacrifices will have been worth it. Because it's the utter least I can do.
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12/3/2001 07:32:27 PM
Mmmm. So I now own And now I have to figure how the hell to work it [uploading, directing pop3 mail, opening ftp, etc etc.]
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12/3/2001 08:53:25 AM
Hmmm. So while I may not have had to sell my first-born, I nearly did. I got there at 7:27am [tickets were sold at 7:30am], and there was already a line of over fifty people [with everyone buying some two or three tickets each]. But I got my tickets.
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Sunday, December 02, 2001
12/2/2001 09:55:18 PM
Oh, by the way, randomly: my birthday is a week from today. December 9th. Mark your calendar, kiddies. *grins*
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12/2/2001 08:57:55 PM
I would sell my first-born child [and all the ones that followed] for a ticket to see Dar Williams.

Luckily, I don't have to go that far. All I have to do is wake up at 7am on a Monday morning. Painful, but do-able. And definite worth it.
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12/2/2001 08:51:36 PM
Disturbing things are afoot! [is that the right term....?]

One: despite being a computer junkie with tons of technological experience, I have never used a fax machine before tonight. Luckily, one of the Knapp attendants was actually *nice* [I used to work for them, I can say whatever I want to about the people there] and showed me how to use it.

Second: While sending off the fax, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turn to look, and it's a very handsome girl smiling and waving at me as she walks away. I apparently am supposed to know her [judging from the way she interacted with me], but I haven't a frickin' clue who she is. Pity.

Now I go read an article on yaoi and how it "grew out of their despair of ever achieving equal relationships with me in a sexist society and their quest for ideal human relationships."
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12/2/2001 02:40:48 PM
Guys, if you love me, you'll tell me if this is insane. I want to get the $20 monthly option. Or maybe the $10 version. Sound good? Sounds putrid? I've always wanted my own piece of web space. And be Tyrant! And it's in your best to help me out, you know. Because if I had enough space [and it looks as though I would], I wouldn't mind hosting a few friends~.

[Friends being, of course, a very specific set of people. I'm sure you know who you are~.]
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12/2/2001 02:05:51 PM
Teresa, being the 80s junkie she is, tells me that the Tokyo Babylon music video was influenced by people like by Peter Gabriel ("sledgehammer"), Thompson Twins ("hold me now"), Robert Palmer ("addicted to love" and others), and A Flock of Seagulls ("and i ran"). I'll have to seek these videos out.
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12/2/2001 11:06:54 AM
I'm not going to go into the, erm, FanGirl Tantrum War, that errupted over this, but I really want to get on my knees and thank Isa-san for posting the 'Subaru High' music video. I can't believe I never even heard of it before...! And now I would really love to go hunting for the other two omake. Along with the Clamp Campus Detective ones~.
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When I decided I was going to feature a female, for once, on my blog, I was origianlly going to have a kick-ass figure. Someone like Lina Inverse, or Mint from Threads of Fate. And I'll eventually make such a layout. But I realized that whom I really wanted to feature Kotori.

[As a side note, I'm fascinated by this picture, which was taken from With a Slash. I'm sure there are a whole bunch of symbollic World Desctruction reasons behind it, but had I seen it out of context, I'd think it was about menstruation.]

Kotori is heavily under-appreciated in X. Because she [initially] presents an obstacle to numerous yaoi couples, the fans tend to forget her existance. At least they don't usually imagine Killing Her/ Mangling Her into UberBitchGirl/ Put her into Ludicrous pairings, because Clamp already did a good job of getting her out of storyline. Well, that, and the readers are tired of watching her die in Many Painful Ways.

She's also disliked for her frailty. Of out of the entire X cast, she is definitely the weakest. Physically, she's pathetic-- her heart won't allow her 'strenous' activities like excessive running, or emotional shocks like seeing disembodied heads. Nor is her psychological state strong enough to deal with the trauma she received.

[My personal theory is that the reason for Kotori's physical weaknesses is because she's a Dream Seer. Consider Hinoto, who is blind, deaf, and can't walk. Then think of Kakyou, who's an even stronger Dream Seer, but who spends his days unconscious in a hospital bed. It seems as though the stronger a Dream Seer you are, the worse your physical body is. And Kotori is unlucky in that her meager skills as a Dream Seer aren't really worth the problems it gives her.]

Yet another fault of hers is that she's emotionally dependent. A cross look from 'Kamui-chan' makes her faints, and everytime something reminds her of headless bodies, she needs her brother to bring out of the shock.

Despite it all, Kotori is a favorite of mine. She was far, far, too weak for the world and position she was born. Under normal circumstances she might have led an undisturbed life, with a husband and a couple of kids born with the help of a ceasarin [sp?]. Instead, she was stuck between the two Kamuis in the battle to determine the world's fate. All things considered, she did well. She's even one of the few characters, who despite having been a Victm of Destiny, who believes that the future can be changed. She embodies the 'gambaru' spirit, even if she didn't have much to 'gambaru' with.

It's important to be strong. But it's okay to have a fragile self, too.

Strength comes from overcoming weakness.

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