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Saturday, November 17, 2001
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*reads chapter 35 of Hikaru no Go*

Akira.... angsting.... over Sai. Good, good, good. Wonderful how quickly my wishes are granted!

And now Sai is also having some dark[er] moments. This is the secret to keeping a fangirl happy, all your mangaka out there.

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Hey, didn't you know? Yuki Sohma is a Mother Fucker! Let's play Tetris.

Ah, the wonderful things Winamp Skins teach you.

This message has been brought to you by Happy 2B Hardcore.

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Damn you, Hikaru no Go! So many psychological possibilities, and yet you go after none of them. Why can't you be more Shoujo-Like and, erm, explore those wonderful characters you have?

And go ahead and stab me with a blunt potato peeler if there isn't immense amounts of angst and tenshion flowing between Akira Touya and Hikaru. Meanwhile, Sai is as carefree as ever. Pity, Akira angsting over Sai would be pretty.

11/17/2001 07:57:02 PM |xx| link me |xx|
*blinks again*

Would anybody like to tell me what the hell FLCL was about?

11/17/2001 05:08:07 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Now will you work, you stupid tracker?

11/17/2001 05:01:40 PM |xx| link me |xx|
And if you're going to ask if we ever talk about anything besides the gayness of anime characters, um, that's a secret. At any rate, that's where our most amusing material comes from. Our moanings on work and teachers aren't nearly as fun to read!

Seriously though, I really should change the blog title to 'Gayness.' But I like 'Somedays Good, Somedays Bad' so no matter how long it is, it stays.

11/17/2001 03:38:12 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Meia-san, we're blaming the following conversation on you:

    bell: and she makes perfect sense. Yuki is a girl, but never an uke!
    ingrid: ~grumbles~ I know . . .
    bell: why sadness?
    bell: if only yuki could be a seme.... yuki's just not gay. at all.
    bell: his brother stole all the gay genes.
    ingrid: I know! But he's such a girl, he should be gay
    ingrid: Yes. Ayame has enough gayness for, like, the entire Sohma clan
    bell: but he'll share, b/c otherwise he'll have no one to be gay with.
    ingrid: Right! He can share with Shigure and Akito . . . But he doesn't share with Yuki.
    ingrid: Maybe if he'd paid more attention to Yuki as a kid, Yuki would be gay
    bell: sibling rivalry, I guess.
    ingrid: ~nods sadly~
    bell: damn you, aaya! it's your fault yuki isn't gay!
    ingrid: And if it were anyone but Aaya-chan, we could punish him . . .
    bell: but we love aaya too much!
And then I had to do my history homework. [But since I didn't get a chance to ask you-- how exactly would we punish Aaya, mmm?] :)

11/17/2001 03:06:28 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Is it just me, or has my tracker stopped working entirely?

11/17/2001 02:46:57 AM |xx| link me |xx|
I can't fucking believe I stayed up until 3am reading Hikaru no Go! *knocks head*

11/17/2001 02:34:06 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Hikaru, you Dumbass. God of the Go Universe Table, hahah! But I'm a Perceptive Reader/Observer, and the scene is the same as in the opening. I'm predicting that Hikaru's Dumbass Playing is the trick behind the Move of God. I'm also guessing I'm wrong. Either way, I like Hikaru. He's a cute kid.

11/17/2001 02:17:25 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Sai, you're adorable when you cry, but no snot, please. You're not Shuichi.

11/17/2001 01:47:49 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Mmmmm. Go ahead, call me a Bishounen Whore. 'Cause I am. I just wish, that, well, they weren't so damned young.

Tarja? Touya Akira from Hikaru no Go, he looks just like a younger version of Xelloss.

And then there's Sai, who even if he doesn't wear purple lipstick in the manga, is still a mighty beauty. Heeeeeeee. Hey, you know what they say about people who play the flute well.... XD XXD [you know, the way I'm attracted to Gay/Effeminite men, it's going to make getting married Real Difficult] And he's kawaii, too.

This picture makes me laugh. Hard. Hahahahahahhah! Ooooo, the colors...

Looking at all these kimonos, it really makes me want to learn more about the history of Japanese clothing [which is really odd, because I hate hate hate fashion] It's so beautiful, like an art.

Plot? Oh, yeah, it's fun. I don't see how the manga made Go this much fun! The concept of the series could go in several fascinating directions-- and it will take none of them, I'm sure. I really shouldn't be reading middle-school aged boy's comics for the psychologicaly introspective series that I want.

Friday, November 16, 2001
11/16/2001 11:53:27 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Go ahead and make fun how often I say "my boyfriend's girlfriend" instead of "my brother." I still love the dumbass. For reasons like this [in response to my parent's questions if us kids were okay after the New York plane crash]:

    "I'm mostly ok. A piece of shrapnel from the aircraft
    flew out of New York, cleared the continental US, came
    in through the window at seattle, bounced off of my
    monitor and got in my eye. It doesn't hurt. Much."
I try to imitate his humor, but I haven't perfected into an art like he has.

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Talked to my parents for the first time in three months. Good stuff. And it seems as though I-onee-chan is feeling confident about the exam she took to get into a Brazilian university. Then again, our second-degree cousins [about seven and ten, now] are calling her "Pakistan." o.O;;; And b-b-onee-chan has fallen off the face of the earth. >_> That girl, I swear...! She'll one day do something like eliminate famine Brazil, or get homes for all the people without land, but we won't know about it until we read it in the newspapers the next day.

11/16/2001 11:49:02 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I'm not blonde, damnit! Just because my hair sparkles into lighter colors in the sunlight, and my hair isn't long enough to tell the true colors, does not mean I'm blode. I'm happy being brown-haired, thank you very much!

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Ayame layout Ayame layout Ayame layout! Admit it, he's gorgeous, isn't he?

11/16/2001 05:53:41 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Yaaay for bishounen! Yay for Takarazuka! Yay for me Pimping Anime Information!

Oh, of course I'm using Teresa's radio show as an excuse to procastinate. But! I have less than 100 words to write for today. And then I can go get dinner. Yummy happiness.

11/16/2001 05:37:59 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Buuuuu for silver-fish plaguing the radio station!

11/16/2001 05:31:58 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Waaaai! Teresa's playing the My-Pants-Are-So-Tight-I-Grunt-When-I-Take-Them-Off-Akio song! [aka Fiancee ni Naritai.] Making vague requests ["genki anime songs, please!"] is gooood.

11/16/2001 05:13:31 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Hoooray for technology! I get to hear Teresa's radio show thanks to webcasting.

11/16/2001 04:46:07 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Bloggers of the world, I hate you. Because you provide me with far, far, far too much distraction material. But! I'm halfway done with the Essay from Hell. And it's only Friday Evening. This is going much better than I expected. Now to write the other half.

11/16/2001 03:45:18 PM |xx| link me |xx|
This is how I'm spending my Weekend:

    "Discuss the relationship between the world described in the Bridge of Dreams (Sarashina nikki) and world described in the Tale of Mutsu. These two works are roughly contemporaneous (mid-to-late-eleventh century), yet to the historically uninitiated, might appear to come from entirely different cultures. How could such different "worlds" coexist?"
Unfortunately, despite the fact that I get to ramble at great length about the Heian court, I do not get to discuss purple lipstick. Sadness.

11/16/2001 11:07:04 AM |xx| link me |xx|
.....I can't believe I'm going to miss Ramadan *entirely*. It's been a part of my life for the five years, to see all those painted sheep in the streets, the tired people, and the increased prayers. I'm disapointed.

11/16/2001 10:41:05 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Uh huh. You. Innocent. Yeah, right!

11/16/2001 10:39:56 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Eh? It was Aine-san's birthday? A belated otanjoubi omedetou to you. :)

11/16/2001 10:39:06 AM |xx| link me |xx|
"And due to various circumstance, there is a Siamese cat named Schroedinger in my head. He's following Kyo around now". That mysteriously reminds me of Teresa, "schroedinger-san's neko: neko pops out of box holding gun, which has mysteriously turned into a katana. however, you are a samurai, so you finish off kitty with one swipe of your reverse-blade sword screaming 'neko neko DIE!'"

11/16/2001 10:31:53 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Be happy. I'm getting Gravitation 1, 5-9 cheap, and because I really don't have anywhere to put them once I go to Japan, I'll probably ship 'em off to you.

11/16/2001 10:24:42 AM |xx| link me |xx|
And now for Referrals that Crack me Up! [none of them involving lube or pocky, so quiet, Ingrid-san!]

Getting+mechanical+parts+gay? Oh, dear. Are you thinking of Katou, perchance?

I think I've used the word 'dick' twice here. I hate that word.

Kanoe+boobs? I thought the two went together, hand-in-hand [figuratively, that is, b/c it'd be gross if Kanoe's boobs were attached to her hand]. I'm betting that she was born with 'em.

Thursday, November 15, 2001
11/15/2001 10:18:46 PM |xx| link me |xx|
While discussing the vocal cords of singers like lead of Dir en Grey:

    bell: It's ridiculous! My throat hurts for them. I keep expecting Kyo to cough his lungs up. Or throw it up afterwards.
    teresa: Seriously! It's like the managers give the singers laxatives-- or make them constupated-- just before a performance. For that extra bit of Pain.
    bell: And when they need a ChouGenki! Recording--
    teresa: They hit them in the nuts. Real hard.
    bell: o.O;;; I was going to say, "give them chocolate." Y'know, sugar.
    teresa: You could give them almond bars-- to make up for the nuts they lost.
    bell: _o_
    teresa: "We regulate our band member's bodily functions for optimum perfomance."
[Teresa, forgive me for mangling the conversation. But I'm typing this three hours afterwards, after a Thursday schedule and interviewing you, you expect me to be accurate? I'll change anything that irritates you.]

11/15/2001 01:18:34 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Tomo thinks it's funny that I'm reading Gohou Drug ["Legal Drug."] It's my favorite kind, I tell her. XD

11/15/2001 12:43:06 PM |xx| link me |xx|
16? I feel so old. *mopes about being college student girl already, despite having waited all her life to be at this stage*

11/15/2001 12:40:09 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I should just change this blog name to 'Gayness,' shouldn't I? Because that's all I ever talk about...

11/15/2001 09:29:25 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Heh. I slipped on a banana peel this morning. Due to my incredible balance and physical ability I landed okay without damaging any of the things I was carrying [a plate, glass, silverware, and pieces of an un-eaten bagel], but still. I never really thought that the cartoons were telling the truth. Bananas really are slippery.

11/15/2001 09:27:38 AM |xx| link me |xx|
A lot of my relationship with my roomate Giuri consists of me gaping/laughing/sighing/sweatdropping at what she does.


She walks to where I'm eating breakfast. "I love the microwave! When you press the buttons, it makes the coolest noise, like from my Thunderforce game!" She walks away, beeping to herself. A minute later she returns, "I hate microwaves! They're absolute useless!" And, of course, I had to laugh.

Last night, she was complaining about her friend's roomate. "She never tells Flynn that I called." Try again, I suggested. I'd cheer her on. "Okay!" She punches in the number. "Moshi moshi, kore wa Juuri de gozaimasu ga, Fuurin-san ga irassha-- She hung up on me!" She refused to conceed that it's hard for a non-Japanese speaker to understand someone who's speaking in Japanese.

11/15/2001 09:20:56 AM |xx| link me |xx|
The sexiest X picture ever. Yummy. And it does even feature any bloody/bandaged/frolicking bishounen! Just One Very Rain-Soaked Fuuma.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001
11/14/2001 11:58:34 PM |xx| link me |xx|

    bell: I don't want blood phallic symbols, I don't, I tell you, I don't!
    Tarja: that's not what Freud tells me
    bell: I tell freud to stick it somewhere uncomfortable.
    Tarja: Freud tends to enjoy that.
    bell: o.O

11/14/2001 11:57:07 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Dude, 'lube' and 'pocky' so should never appear in the same sentence!

11/14/2001 11:56:16 PM |xx| link me |xx|
More aim conversations! Because they Make Me Laugh. Teresa and I were talking about the boy band ShinHwa:
teresa: i found their email addys, by the way.
bell: o.o
bell: eeeep.
bell: let's write them a fun email! *glitterglitter*
teresa: seriously! we could have so much fun with that!
bell: I know. ^_^_^
teresa: *laughs evily*
bell: what shall we do? XD
teresa: the email addys are from 2000---do you think they still work? and do you think they speak english?
bell: why bother speaking english when we can speak engrish?
bell: hello. soft you fans.
bell: you having pleasarable charisma?
teresa: do you think they'd understand that? as they're exposed to it all the time?
bell: um, I think they'd think we were great english speakers.
bell: [korean]: You must have studied english for many years in america!
teresa: do you think they'd guess that we aren't korean?
bell: .......excellent point. why would we write in engl/rish if we were korean?
teresa: we can ask sun if they speak english.
bell: okay. ^_^ from euscha, we have "c'mon, everyone swimming in the sea." or something like that.
bell: I have to see her tonight, so I'll do that then.
teresa: ^_^
teresa: this is so exciting! we can make up our own secret language in engrish. "isabel, soft you now. is your paper adult to move?"
bell: you make me sound like I'm writing porn! _o_
bell: teresa, charisma babies on head.
teresa: O.O
teresa: what the heck did that mean?
bell: who knows?
bell: complication mystery hippie.
teresa: enigma fortune cookie happy flower.
bell: you're so mean! *cries* how could you say that to me?!
bell: I'm going to take you to general judiciary!
teresa: *bows* i'm sorry. charismatic atmosphere maker sparkly chopstick.
bell: fruitation emancipation to you!
teresa: soft, the butterfly does dance on wind-kissed wings of silverness.
bell: o.o
bell: no fair making things sound poetic!
bell: and I say the butterfly don't. HA!
teresa: *SPLAT* infernal mallet of cretaceous doom! absolute destiny dumpling!
bell: somber ducks sailing.
teresa: flit flit, the periwinkle does twitter.
bell: laxatives no striking today for rights of bear.
teresa: daisy floating magic daifuku
bell: exploding sandals friendship.
teresa: prarie dog magic on a moonlit evening.
bell: hey, some of these could be sailor moon attacks.
bell: monkey magic scratchy-itchy goes bump.
teresa: in the name of shinhwa and dates, i will make you hit yourself with a mallet!
bell: ooooooo, self-inflicted sadism!
teresa: isn't that an oxymoron?
bell: no.
bell: random verb from hell I oxymoroned my mom today.
teresa: ?
bell: ^_^_^_^_^_^_^
bell: in the grand tradition of engrish, of course!And that was the end of that, because we had to go to history class.

11/14/2001 11:41:51 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Tarja's take on the conversation from the previous entry: "it made me think of those 'quit smoking' adds where the cigarettes went all limp," and, "subaru just can't keep a straight cigarette."

I was telling Tarja to come up with more of this, when,

    tarja: but I haven't even seen the series!
    bell: that's okay. :-) you've read enough of tb, seen enough spoilers, etc.
    tarja: it makes the going hard. much like what subaru says.
    bell: makes the going hard? what going? XD
    tarja*nods solemnly* Well, certainly not Subaru. given his total lack of straight cigarettes.

And then I remembered Men's Pocky. And I had to ask myself, "why are men eating chocolate-covered phallic symbols?" Yummy.

11/14/2001 11:04:48 PM |xx| link me |xx|
And this is the Reason Why I avoid being on aim around 11pm.

    ingrid-san: The only reason men smoke in anime and manga are if they're older and not so bishy and want to be shown to be more sexually bendable . . . They smoke. The great phallic symbolism of the cigarette.
    bell: Looks more like oral sex. XD It's like, they *want* to be manly, but in the end, they're just admiting to wanting to have gay oral sex. XD ........I SO did not just say that.
    ingrid-san: You -so- just did! Think about it. Take away Seishirou's cigarette and he's just a . . . really hot older guy. Without the cigarette there isn't the Lighting the Cigarette scene!
    bell: oh, yes, light up my fire, subaru!
    ingrid-san: But what does it mean with Subaru putting his cigarette -out- for Kamui?
    bell: He's renouncing his gayness over seishirou? He's going to be a straight, normal, man for kamui?
    ingrid-san: And let Kamui take up smoking instead so he can be the seme? 'cause you know, Subaru is just the eternal uke . . .
    bell: subaru is incapable of being straight. it's like, against his genes.
    ingrid-san: Without a doubt. Subaru is Gay. And therefore he must be renouncing his attempt at appearing cool and masculine and semeish by putting out the cigarette.

11/14/2001 09:18:18 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Ingrid-san, please don't hate me, but I received burst! of inspiration, so I had to make an Ayame layout then and there, no time to wait, so I made the cutest [and [first] little Aaya-chan-theme blog ever. It's not perfect yet, so I'll be finishing that up for the next couple of days. Meaning, yeah, the Raphael/Michael layout is going to take even longer to make. XD

Meia-san, I read it. I imagined it would be that way, too. ;) I have lots and lots of comments, but I'm technically not supposed to be here [I should be writing about Tokugawa law], so I'll tell you later and now I go!

11/14/2001 01:36:34 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Dar Williams is coming! Two days after my birthday! This is, literally, my wish come true! SBOG, I sorry for all the critiscm I ever gave you. But, Dar, Dar, Daaaar! I love her. I've been waiting for her to come do a concert in Boston~~!

You see, here they kill me with work, but things like this make up for it.

11/14/2001 01:10:25 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Rosa-chan rocks my world. Hikaru no Go episode 2! Wai, wai, waaaaai!

11/14/2001 12:47:59 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Blah. Am being lazy. Looking forward next Tuesday, but am not looking forward to the rest of the week. I have to somehow convince myself to write a five page history paper. I'm not feeling enthused about this, not at all. At least I get to talk a bit about the Heian period, which has been my favorite part of Japanese history so far. Still. Bweee.

Jyan-nyan, doko?

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
11/13/2001 03:20:53 PM |xx| link me |xx|
[Bwee, More]

Anybody know where I can find me some galleries with high quality scans? Because I want.

11/13/2001 03:08:05 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Perhaps I should this further? You see, I was in my room, trying to find the emails of the authors of the winners of the cfa ccs fic contest when the phone rang.

    Giuiri: Isabel Isabel Isabel!
    Bell: Yeah?
    Giuiri: Guess what Guess what!
    Bell: Yeah, the packets on the JWU courses came in, right? I'm gonna go over there soon to pick it up.
    Giuiri: You have to come now!
    Bell: Whyyyyyy?
    Giuiri: 'Cause I opened up one of the booklets, and first thing I see, is a picture of Inu Yasha. Rumiko! Takahashi! Is an alumnae!
    Bell: O.O;;;; Usoooooooo!
    *massive squealing ensues*
    Bell: We, too, can become famous mangaka!
    Giuri: Yoooooooooshi!

I don't think you understand. Ranma 1/2 was my first anime-obsession series. I learned how to read hirigana with Ranma 1/2 manga vol. 26-34. I watched the episodes with my siblings. I-onee-chan and I spent years buying the English translation of Maison Ikkoku. Urusei Yatsura warped my mind. Her manga subconciously taught me tidbits of Japanese culture. I've moved on, to shoujo, but I'll always be fond of her works.

That aside, we have to chose our courses, pick a host family [my heart is almost set on a family in Shibuya, with two young girls], fill in visa papers, and the like. Still, that was most amusing. I think I burst Ingrid-san's ear drums out on aim when I heard about it, I was caps-locking so excessively. Yes, I'm definitely easily amused. This is not a bad thing, says I.

11/13/2001 03:00:56 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I can't believe I'm getting interested in a series about *Go.* I've never liked series about sports, and I've never liked chess, so why Go? At any rate, the art for Hikaru no Go is pretty, and people I respect recomended it to me. Although Meara-san would be admitedly saddened to know that I want to pair Sai up with a guy (not with Hikaru, he's far too young. But I wanna give Hikaru a biiiiiig hug! Such a cute kid). But, c'mon! He wears purple lipstick. My western preconceptions are screaming, "gay!" And, as Brothers-san phrased it once, "The Heian period was a femenine age." Amen.

I've only seen one episode, but I'd love to see more.

Manga translations.

11/13/2001 11:26:37 AM |xx| link me |xx|
*dies again*
*can't stop dying*

Rumiko Takahashi! Of Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku Fame! One of the Good Reasons I became an anime fan! Is! An! Alum! Of JWU! The University I'm going to next semester.


11/13/2001 11:17:45 AM |xx| link me |xx|
The results for the Clamp Fic ML Cardcaptor Sakura contest. Now I have to make award plaques for all the winners. I wonder, will I be expected to make multiple plaques-- and fics-- that won in more than one category? The only way to find out is to email them, I guess.

But it'll be more fun that working on my history paper!

11/13/2001 09:00:21 AM |xx| link me |xx|
There is nothing disgustingly descriptive about saying, "blood bloody period." If anything, it's redundant. It's like saying kinky orgy. It's a given, assumed. So no more complaining about my aim away messages, y'hear?! Hmph.

Monday, November 12, 2001
11/12/2001 03:45:24 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Also, the fun part of aim are the away messages. Confuse the hell out of your friends!

11/12/2001 03:36:59 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I so shouldn't spend my Studying Time aiming Teresa engrish. But, you know, I have to respect the Japanese more. Coming up with Engrish is hard!

11/12/2001 11:16:56 AM |xx| link me |xx|

Worse than that, you know what's the first thing that occured to me when I heard that? "My period is cursed."
For the first time in my life, the past few months my period has been coming within a month. On the 11th. Yep, that's right, I got my period a few hours before the WTC attack. Nothing spectacular happened in October. Now, in November, a few hours after I get my period, a plane crashes in New York.

I don't really believe it, but damn, that's a coincidence. Sometimes I want people to suffer my menstrual pain, but not like this!

Sunday, November 11, 2001
11/11/2001 10:20:44 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Kate-chan, Ingrid-san, and anybody else I've startled by randomly talking about My Year of Meats, it's a book. Ozeki, the author, came to speak to us yesterday, so that's why I'm reading it. It's fairly interesting, and I'm not sure I want to eat meat again. I'll post a longer review, I think, once I've finished the book.

11/11/2001 09:07:46 PM |xx| link me |xx|
*listening to Tokyo Babylon Drama 1999* Damn, even little boys killed by Seishirou love him. And call him 'sei-chan.' Now that's what I call charisma!

11/11/2001 08:47:07 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I am not going to become a teen-bopper for a Korean boy-band. I refuse. Teresa, stop sending me these fun ShinHwa music videos. Even when I ask you to give them to me.

11/11/2001 08:12:58 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Problem solved. With a smile? Partially. And a few unwilling tears [on my part, of course. I'm a cry-baby]. Forever? Not at all. Things aren't constant, and troubles always arise. But this particular proverbial hurdle seems to have been jumped. Life is mean. It bites me, hard, makes things look Harsh and Impossible, but then I discover that the thing biting me is not a t-rex, but just an irked cat. And that the cat can be pacified with Chinese food.

Of course, I could be living in mass delusionment. But I believe in so little already, so I'll reserve my skepticism for another occasion.

Plus, I'm not limping anymore. Hooray! The bruise on my knee is still purple, it has not turned into any funky colors. Disapointment!

11/11/2001 02:05:51 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I'm shivering. Physically and emotionally. Repeats from high school, bad, bad.

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