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Saturday, November 03, 2001
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The bastards! Okay, prepare for Annoyed Pointless Fan Rantings on X ep. 4 [highlight for spoilers.]

[[First off, the Monou Father [what's his name? Kyougo or something?] is still alive. Shocking! His death was the starting down-point of the series-- Fuuma learnt that he was "kamui no..." [exactly what of Kamui's he was wasn't revealed because Kyougo picked a bad time to die], started having his dreams invaded by the Slut!Bitch Kanoe, and began to doubt Kamui. For Kamui's part, just more guilt on his part, and sadness for having hurt the Monou family. And Kotori, it was one step closer to insanity. What's the point in keeping him alive?

[I really want to know: is Kotori going to go insane, or not?]

I was very sad to see that they changed the setting of a scene from the manga. You know, from volume 3, when Kamui is watching Kougo's funeral and being generally mopy as his character dictates him to be, and where Sorata tries to convince him to accept his fate. By sorta-kinda pinning him to tree in a slash-a-riffic way. In the anime version, it takes place on the pedestrian bridge. Hence, no pinning against trees. See the shounen-ai fans pout with disapointment!

But that's okay. Whatever.

What really made me sad was that Kamui's mother was a kagenie to different person. To Kamui, specifically. Why? How boring! How predictable! I tell you, when I read in the manga 'whose' kagenie she was, chills ran down my spine. Because, yipes. That's frightening. And proved how 'worthy' she was to be Kamui's mother.

Maybe they'll later reveal the 'truth'? But I'm not sure. Kamui learnt about that at the same time as he learnt about the truth about Saya's death, and her marriage to Kyougo. Looking at the anime, they might change that, too. Which is another pity. Because, weeee! Lesbian mothers!]]

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You better not!

Yes, people, I can miraculously transform all physics problems into questions about shounen ai (specifically, Gravitation). Examples:

    * "The earth's radius is 6400km. A 45 kg mass is taken 201 km above the earth's surface. What is the weight of the object at this height?" Answer: The question could be referring to the last ep of gravitation, when Shuichi is jumping off the helicopter into the concert. Shuichi, whose mass is 45 kg, is taken 201 km abov the earth's surface in a helicopter. How much does Shuichi weigh at this height?

    * "A sphere of mass 85 kg is 12 m from a second sphere of mass 65 kg. What is the gravitational force of attraction between them?" Answer It could be talking about how likely Shuichi is going to jump Yuki (or vice versa). Like, when shuichi saw Yuki in the street, and ran after him in the second ep.

    * "Kepler's law states that r^3/T^2=3.35x10^18 m^3/s^2. How many years would it take a planet located four times as far from the sun as the earth to orbit the sun? The earth's distance from the sun is 1.5 x 10 ^11 m." Answer: This clearly is discussng how long does it take shuichi take to revolve Yuki (ie, make him fall in love), despite yuki being so far away (ie, his heart is distant, doesn't want to fall in love).

See! Shounen-ai is everywhere you look!

Friday, November 02, 2001
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I'm so jealous of your bunnies! I need a whip to convince mine to start hopping. It's like I have to hunt out for them, or something. And once I've caught one, I then have to dance and sing for it to begin to hop. Once it does start hopping, I have to hold them down with a net to ensure that they don't run away. The bastards.

When you say "i've only written Very Wrong CCS Fanfiction thus far...well, that i've deemed fit (heh) for public consumption, anyway. XD," you raise my curiosity! Bwah. I'd stab you with a tooth pick if I knew you'd let me read your fics in progress. But you and your 3v33l bunnies are so secretive.

Ah, screw writing. I'm going to go to the Ville and get me some chocolate.

11/2/2001 10:26:18 AM |xx| link me |xx|
....Dude, 'colonel' is pronounced 'kernel.' Who'd have thought?

11/2/2001 10:14:07 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Today I'm skipping classes for the first time [for non-illness related purposes] this semster! Weeeee! It's psychology class, and we never do anything important, anyway. We spent three class periods watching a southern rendition of Snow White. Really, I don't need to be in that class. I wish I'd known it was a blow-off course. I wanted to learn psychology, damnit!

[This is the same girl who skipped over 40 days of classes in fourth grade.]

Anyway. It's for a good cause. To write my book! [which, of course, I'm stuck on. Surprise, surpise.] Though at this rate I'll have skipped to log in my blog [ooooh, rhymation. And yes, English Grammar is my bitch, so I can say 'rhymation' if I want to.]

Thursday, November 01, 2001
11/1/2001 11:10:53 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I've been image-hunting for you, kate-chan. I have a few nice pictures. I'll try to work on the layout this weekend, okay?

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1672 words. One chapter (or introduction, perhaps). One lazy, low self-confidence, scientific god.

And the Christian god? I've decided he's got dissociative identity disorder.

What, you think I know anything about religion? Nothing much! Just a few tidbits here and there.

It's okay for me to be this heretical, I'm atheist!

11/1/2001 08:47:09 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Someone stop me from posting at every moment the latest word count on my book! But I'm so proud of myself. A thousand words in a single day! This is unheard of, for me. Still, yet another six hundred to go. You ready to talk some more, god?

11/1/2001 07:36:48 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Looking good, fati-san! But your links are the same color as the background of your entries, so they're invisible. But I like the color theme. Very stricking. And satanical.

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"no, no i most certainly do NOT hate Eriol. i wuv Eriol. Eriol is great. Eriol is wonderful. Eriol makes me want to cry out with joy from the deepest depths of my soul. i spend many angst-drenched, sleepless nights pacing around with a hot mug of Earl Grey (sugar and cream) in my hand, ripping my hair out and praying that Eriol will be alright. so do i hate him? i think not." -- Jan-nyan-boober-brain

Jan-nyan, if you don't stop amusing me so much, I'll have to frame you.

Tokyopop has Chobbits. Evil, yes. Thank god I can read most of the manga by myself! But, you know, if the same team who took care of Clover is in charge of Chobbits, I won't be able to complain. If they don't... I'm becoming a large fan of Chobbits, and I'll be irritated at any sort of mistreatment towards it!

11/1/2001 09:26:18 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Hey, this isn't all that difficult. By pure rambling on the narrator's part, I got some three hundred words in twenty minutes. Excellent! [I ph34r, however, the moment that I feel the need to introduce plot. And other characters. Rawr.] Now for badminton class, woohoo!

11/1/2001 08:54:24 AM |xx| link me |xx|
October has ended. As my roomate put it, "You can't be lazy anymore!" Tears, tears, flowing. Two hundred pages by the end of the month. At least one page before my badminton class in forty minutes. More tears. Insane, I cry. Insanity. Let me fly with the birds!

Wednesday, October 31, 2001
10/31/2001 11:58:30 PM |xx| link me |xx|
"Hey, they're in bed an in their underwear! I should someday go to a con in my underwear and cat ears.... waaa, he's happy! 'deeto suruzo...' Yay, it's the excersize girl! And now Chii's making out with her evil dark twin. Hahah, she's looking through his porn magazines... Heh, he's cute, 'I'm handsome!' No, wait, she's a porn star! No! That's so wrong! Now she's showing off her underwear again. No, don't touch her there, you'll turn her off! Noo.... if I owned a chobitts, I'd take better care of it."

Listening to Giuri read Chobitts was far, far too amusing.

10/31/2001 04:12:15 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I will now [temporarily] break my pact to not use emoticons in my blog:



Thaaaankooooo! [as for the porn-- many years ago, when I first hit puberty, I was rummaging through my attic when I came across a pile of playboy type magazines. Fine enough, but they were so old.... from the seventies! My parents never throw anything away.]

I wanna be a DN Angel slore sooooo badly.... but the plot and characters don't interest me.

And I recently discovered that Hatori, Haaatori I tell you!, has the same seiyuu as Yuki Eeri. And K is Shigure. That fact certainly sheds new light on the scene where K is shooting at Yuki so that he'll be nice to Shuichi. Oh, watch me sparkle with amused glee!

10/31/2001 04:00:35 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Ingriiiid-saaaaan, can you hear my snickering? My evil cackles? Because winamp just pulled the Raphael Playing the Guitar skin (for the first time ever) for the song 'Irus' by Goo Goo Dolls. How, shall we say, appropriate...

10/31/2001 12:39:14 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Take it however you want to, Jae-san-- insult, compliment, or expression of pure bewildrement. I can hardly complain about it, though, because I'm equally adamant about some of my preferences. Anybody remember my Sakura/Tomoyo phase? Yeah.

10/31/2001 12:30:59 PM |xx| link me |xx|
It is wrong I tell you, wrong, for the sensei while showing drawings of unusual cab drivers to include a picture of a driver so hansamu and kakkoi that he's literally sparkling little glittery stars, and for his male passenger to be oggling at said hansumu kakkoi driver. Because I cannot be held responsible for the thoughts that play in my mind for the rest of the class.

10/31/2001 12:27:32 PM |xx| link me |xx|
As per Janaki-san's advice, I lay Pocky and Caviar at the altar of my Muses shrine. I think it has helped. I now know that the narrator (ie, me) is going to be God.

10/31/2001 09:20:57 AM |xx| link me |xx|
I dreamt last night I was back in pakiland. I was sitting in the family room, on the Sleeping Couch, my dad was in his academic chair [with a stack of books next to him and a notepad in his lap, as is his daily habbit], and i-onee-chan in the other seat. I was so happy because i-onee-chan wasn't going to be spending Christmas vacation in Pakistan this year, and because we had managed to come at all. Things were peaceful.

I woke up this morning to get an email from my mother with this in it: "I miss you but I do not wish you were here. Actually, these days there is nowhere I could possibly wish any of my children to be."

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
10/30/2001 09:56:13 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Reactions to X ep.03:

[[Nataku's voice is so femenine!

They're taking out some of the Kotori/Kamui moments to put in even more shounen-ai hints.

Fuuma's basketball is a means of meeting Kamui. Everytime he plays with the damned thing Kamui comes to him. It's worse than a pager! Kotori should steal the ball if she wants to see more of Kamui.

Kamui didn't seem as though he cared at all about the attack on Monou Otousan. Or for anybody else. Only in that weird Kamui way-- I don't want you to get hurt so I'm keeping you as far away from me as possible.

I like how the anime incorporates more of the city landscape into the series. Nataku uses a train to get away, a gang of stupid boys try to beat up Kamui in the parking lot, etc. This time it really feels as though they're in Tokyo.]]

10/30/2001 08:23:05 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Usually Community [the main college mail confrence] makes me gnash my teeth in frustration, climb the walls in anger, or snort at the stupidities.

Today it's making me cry.

I never met Molly, and now I never will. But I'll remember her anyway-- for the sake of all the people I'll meet in the future who are suffering from depression.

10/30/2001 07:14:27 PM |xx| link me |xx|
According to Anime News Service the seiyuu list for Fruit Basket is as follows:

Honda Tohru - Horie Yui
Souma Yuki - Hisakawa Aya
Souma Kyo - Seki Tomokazu
Souma Shigure - Okiayu Ryoutarou
Souma Kagura - Mitsuishi Kotono
Souma Hatori :: Inoue Kazuhiko
Souma Momiji - Saito Ayaka
Souma Hatsuharu - Suyama Akio
Souma Ayame - Miyamoto Mitsuru
Souma Kisa - Nazuka Kaori
Souma Hiro - ???
Souma Kazuma - ???
Souma Ritsu - ???
Souma Kana - ???
Souma Akito - Wakaba Murasaki
Uotani Arisa - Imai Yuka
Hanajima Saki - Yasuhara Reiko
Honda Kyoko - Yasuhara Reiko

May the Evil Laughter commence! You see, Ingrid-san?! Ayame isn't voiced by Koyasu Takehito! Heh, I feel so smart. And looking at the list of characters, there's only one name I don't recognize-- Kana. Which means that not all the 12 animals are going to be revealed in the anime. So it's either the horse or the bird that's going to be left out. I hope it's the horse-- I was born in the year of the chicken, so I'd like to see that character animated.

10/30/2001 01:16:37 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I am such a fangirl. Should I be embarassed? ....Nah.

10/30/2001 09:30:21 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Inspiration, come to me! Muses, dance at my feet! Or someone come whisper ideas into my ear. I still haven't don't something to write my book on.

Monday, October 29, 2001
10/29/2001 09:44:46 PM |xx| link me |xx|
More fanart! Mostly Seishirou/Subaru schtuff. I purr.

10/29/2001 07:56:42 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Turquoise Blue

Cross Press

I love Japanese fanart sites. Feel free to recomend them to me, at any time. Right now I really want Fruit Basket and X fanart.

10/29/2001 01:21:05 PM |xx| link me |xx|
It's funny how two people can have problems, even when they want the same thing.

Giuri and I were feeling tense for the past few weeks. Why? Because we wanted to see more of each other. I was bummed because she was also tired with stress, and was never in the room. She was upset because I wasn't hanging out with her much. This strikes me as absurdely amusing. It's just like those annoying romance flicks were the two protagonists are kept apart through obnoxious twists of fate. Without the romance aspect of it, of course.

It always bewilders me when people like [not in that way-- just in general, in the You're-A-Fun-Person-to-Be-With-Let's-Be-Together-More sense] me. Because of this and that, when I was younger I was used to people being with me because there was no alternative. And once a more attractive set of friends appeared, I was left behind [yeah, my friends sucked.] So when I see a person likes me , my first instinct is to run. To place a distance between us. I think it's because I'm afraid that they'll end up not liking me, so before they can reject me I reject them first. This is something I have to overcome, and I do [if you're a friend of mine now, I already went through that stage with you. Yaaay!]. So when a problem with a friend arises, my instinct is to do one of two things: to run away [reject before rejected], or to repair it.

Something that scared me in an amusing way was that she compared herself coming in late to the Chinese cutting of the sleeve. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not going to tell you, nyaaa!

This incident brought back nasty memories from senior high school year, when a friend and I went through a similar problem. Yet for reasons that still boggle me [I tried really hard to fix our relationship, and I think she tried to some extent, too], things just got worse and worse. I think she had lots of other issues, because I was not the first friend, or the last one, she threw away. Whatever it was, because getting on her bad side effectively lost me all my other friends, my last few months there were miserable.

At any rate, after an honest talk ["are you angry at me?" "no, are you angry at me?" "no, but..." "yeah, and..."] and understanding that it we were just miscommunicating, things are much better. I'm happier. She's actually happy to see me [instead of being mopy], and I can talk to her [my mind would clam up and I couldn't think of what to say]. From now on I'll start making plans to hang out with her on the weekend [I figured because she was my roomate I wouldn't need to do that anymore, but uh-uh, no way, we're far too busy to see each other during the week], and use my computer less [I become dreafully anti-social when it's on].

Yooooshi! Kore kara, gambaruzo!

10/29/2001 12:55:42 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Ingrid-san, really, you should take more credit for your Evil Deeds and Thoughts. And of course I'm going to link it. It's so cute! Yuki in a dress! Yuki in a dress! I should also post a link to a picture of Sakura-chan in her princess dress from the second movie, so that people can boggle even further.

In more social bloggage, Kate-chan, I miss you! Bob misses you, too! So come back! I don't even see you on aim anymore.

Sunday, October 28, 2001
10/28/2001 08:40:30 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Weeee! What I want, eh? CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, Duklyon, Gravitation, Hayashibara Megumi-chan, Please Save my Earth, Rebecca, Sakamoto Maya, and Houshin Engin. Thank you so so so much! I burn bishounen effigies in honor of you.

10/28/2001 05:58:14 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I am so haaaaaaappy!

I'll try to be a better person from now on, I swear.

10/28/2001 05:10:59 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Yuki in a dress! Yuki in a dress! Yuki in a dress!

No, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

10/28/2001 02:26:04 PM |xx| link me |xx|
Know that I'm eyeing you suspiciously, Jan-san. But I'll have faith that your intentions a good. Oh, and by the way, good friend, let me ask you this.... if you were writing a book, what would it be about? I need to copy ideas off someone!

10/28/2001 02:23:39 PM |xx| link me |xx|
I want my roomate back!

10/28/2001 09:43:32 AM |xx| link me |xx|
Ashlea, I love you.

10/28/2001 12:03:02 AM |xx| link me |xx|
The first time I play Silvio Rodriguez's "Ojala," winamp pulls up a skin Seishirou's tarrot card. Where his missing eye is really obvious. Stop being freaky. Just so you can see what I mean, I'll translate what I can. Be kind of me, I am by no means a Spanish speaker! I just can pick up pieces because of my Portuguese [incidentally, 'ojala,' to my ear, sounds like something to do with eyes. 'Glance,' perhaps? Spanish speakers, feel free to tell me. At any rate, 'olho,' which sounds similar to 'ojala,' means 'eye'].

    Uma luz cegadora
    Um disparo de nieve
    blablablah que me leve a muerte
    Para nao ver te tanto
    Para nao ver te siempre.
    Em todos les segundos
    Em todos las visiones

    A blinding light,
    A shot of snow,
    [something] to take me to death,
    So as to not see you always
    At all times,
    In all visions.

By all means, download this song. It's hautingly beautiful. Even if you can't speak a word of Spanish. I love this song. It's a perfect song about missing someone, obsessing over them, but wanting nothing more than to forget them.

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